Oct 5, 2014

Save the Best for Last

The one the only Fairfield County Fair gets underway today. I realize that not all of you will have the chance to attend our great county fair in Ohio. I wanted to highlight some of the best things that represents my county fair. Let me know what you enjoy most about your county fair. The fairground consists of 65 acres, was founded in 1850, and is the oldest fair of continuous operation in Ohio.  After gas was discovered in 1889, the Fairfield County Fair was famous for “Racing by Gas Light”, and the “Lake of Fire”. Can anyone tell me what the Lake of Fire used to be? I am not familiar with this one.

10. We have some really old buildings that have been maintained. The most famous is probably the Round Cattle Barn. I appreciate mixing in the old with the new buildings.

9. Mt. Pleasant overlooks the fairgrounds....it is just magical!  It is a striking and picturesque rock formation rising abruptly almost 300 feet above the surrounding plain.  The view from the top has been described as “sublime”.  Much Indian lore is attached to Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding country.  Mt. Pleasant aka Standing Stone  was a well-known and famous landmark to the Indians, traders, explorers and early settlers.

8.The camping. While you may not spend every night in the camper, having a spot is a must. To get a spot is difficult. We all joke that if you end up with a good spot someone must have died or moved out of the county. We have a great spot but it didn't come easy. I slept in a lawn chair overnight in the rain so I could be first in line to secure this spot. For the record, it was completely worth it!!

7. Mule Races, who doesn't like to see adults bouncing on the back of a stubborn mule around a sand track. It never fails to be entertaining.

6. Combine Demolition Derby is where retired combines and their drivers bash one another until there is only one moving Combine left.  This is something I have always wanted to participate in and it on my bucket list. There are sparks, parts falling off and pure redneck entertainment.

5. Fair Food: Everyone has their preferences. I must get a Madison's Fish Sandwich, a hot ham and Cheese sandwich from the Bloom Carroll Lion Club, pork tenderloin sandwich from Rubes and the Cider slushy from Hugus Fruit Farm is a staple.

4. The Panorama When you are in 4-H and FFA this is the main event to kick off the fair. The new Queen is crowned all the state winners are recognized and the outstanding 4-H'ers are named. Over the years there have been corny skits, flash mobs and lots of entertainment, always a great way to start the fair off and let the livestock competitions begin.

3. The competition of the kids. Seeing the 4-H and FFA kids show off their year of hard work and watching the excitement in their eyes is something that can not be described. There is an element of everyone is a winner but a love of good competition. Win or loose there are so many life lessons to be learned from both experiences.

2. Time of Year Fall is a perfect time to have the last fair in Ohio. The leaves are turning and for the most part the temperatures are perfect. It just sets the mood and welcomes in the fall fashions and boots.

1. The people, when asking some of my friends what their favorite part of the fair is, the majority said "The People" It really takes you back to some pretty darn good memories of 4-H and FFA. You do not have to stroll very far to see a familiar face. It is a sort of Homecoming and the perfect time to reminisce the good ole days.

What are you county fair favorites? I would love to hear.

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