Jan 11, 2011

Christmas Fun 2010

Setting out the carrot and cookies for Santa and his reindeer. Santa did come and he ate both cookies and the reindeer must have loved the carrots it was the reindeer or a donkey :)

 We scaled back a bit this year and did one live family  tree. It was a big one but I must say it was nice to only decorate one large real tree. Campbell did have a real 4 foot tree in her room.
 Parker playing Christmas morning at Grammy and Grampy X house.
Campbell only asked for a "Book Bag Pack Pack" She got one and even a matching lunch pail.

After Brunch we went sledding and had a very fun time.

Campbell and parker had their friends Caroline and Lily over to play, here they were watching the Princess and the Frog.

Grammy and the kids walking and sledding to Ash Cave.

The kids had the best ride out to the Cave. Everyone wanted to ride in their sled.

 Campbell wanted to walk on the way back so she pulled Parker the whole way back.

Campbell at the Cave.

Family Photos from December