Mar 24, 2008

First Easter

Campbell and her first Easter Basket. She got some fun toys that she can use this year.
I love the sheep placemat.
These are her English/Spanish flash cards...these may not be used for a while yet.
This is her Easter dress from Janie and Jack. What a dress!

This was her after church easter outfit. Notice the sheep pin on her sweater. A good friend "Aunt Tammy" gave this to her for Easter.

First Time Swimming

Campbell and Daddy getting ready to head to the pool. Cousin Brynn is letting her borrow her pink coverup.

She was not scared at all. She got splashing as soon as she got in.
I put her completly under and it did not seem to be a problem. I hope she is a little fish this summer.
This is after pool time. We let her swim for about 15 minutes two times. She would have kept going but bedtime called.