Aug 25, 2011

The Good things in Life

Enjoy these photos of some of the every day happenings in our family. These are the good things in life! We try to keep it simple but when you combine two children, animals and day to day operating activities it often  seems the opposite. We are gearing up for lambing so all things fly out the window. These are some of my favorite photos taken of our family. 

Aug 10, 2011

Ohio State Fair: Another year in the books

The Ohio State Fair is a top notch fair. From the food, entertainment to the livestock it is hard to beat our state fair. I am a little partial but I still think we Ohioans are lucky to have the support of our Governor.
The Reese Family frequents the fair and I must say the fair was a bit more fun when I was younger, it is exhausting when you try to cram in all the usual activities plus two children 3 and under.
This year Campbell and Parker both took in the sites and enjoyed every aspect of the fair. They love the animals but they are children so who could not love the GIANT slide and the Ferris wheel. All four of us did both and Matt and I had a very fun time going back to our youth for a few moments.Our family was sure to complete the Ag is Cool tour sponsored in part by the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. We made some new urban friends along our barn tour and earned our FREE Velvet Ice Cream when our passport was complete.
Matt of course is at the fair almost every day for Ohio's Country Journal and I help with several events there plus we show sheep.I think our children will be able to give fair tours before they enter elementary school. Enjoy these photos of our family and what we participated in at the fair. If you did not make it to the State Fair this year you still have a chance to make it to the county fairs that are coming up and of course the 2012 Ohio State Fair.

Guys and Gals Lead. Campbell and Jane did wonderful.

Campbell and Caroline scoping out the show ring. Campbell  of course was sporting her Muck boots.
Campbell got an award from The Ohio Dorset Breeder's Association for being the highest placing person to lead a Horned Dorset!
What a cute showman.

I think there are a few queen in training in this photo. Queen Morgan is so good with the kids.
 The Ag is Cool tour was really "Cool" and we learned some new facts along the way. Even for those of us who are well connected to Agriculture this was a very educational program. Last I heard mid way through the fair over 4,500 students completed the tour and earned a Free Velvet Ice Cream cone. I have a feeling this number will be a lot higher once all those passports are tabulated. 
 The Land and Living Exhibit is ever changing. The one constant is the CORN WALL. I used to work the corn wall and now I have a child climbing it. She did a great job and made it half way up at age 3.
 We may have been the most regular customers for Ice Cream at the Fair. The Ohio Dairy Association sells good ice cream. Have you tried the new Honey Caramel Farm Bureau Flavor? It sure is rich and tasty.
 We had to get a picture with the new Ohio Fair's Queen.
 Family tradition to ride the slide.
 Thanks to Sandy Kuhn for letting Parker get up close and personal with the little lab puppy. Too bad Matt would not let the kids get the puppy we wanted to take home...
 Another day at the fair another cup of ice cream.
 Campbell showing Jane.
 I LOVE LAMB! The first ever Ohio Lamb Jam was a hit for everyone from the chefs to the kids.
Parker milked Buckeye Bessie in the Nationwide Land and Living Exhibit.