Aug 28, 2008

Ohio State Fair

Campbell loves her sheep. She took a few to the fair this year.
I think she was born in a barn, she likes to be in the pen.
Caroline is Campbell's best friend. They were to their first Sale of Champions.
This is Campbell after the Sale of Champions on the last day of the fair. She looks like she has had enough.

First Trip to the Columbus Zoo

Coldwell Banker King Thompson (Kristin's Work) had a fun free family day at the was way to hot to be there for us and the animals.
Does she look like she is on a Safari or what?
Campbell took the animals very serious.
The family at the aquarium. Her favorites were the Langers (monkeys) and the fish.
After a long day at the zoo, we were ready to go home.

Summer Fun

Grammy is feeding Campbell chicken...she could not get enough.
Campbell learning how to Golf at an early age.

Who are those movie stars with Campbell?
Campbell and Cousin Drew. Drew has a putting green in his backyard and campbell loved crawling on it.

Summer Pool Time with Campbell and her Friends

Campbell loves the water, this toy was a hit.
Aunt Jessica was teaching Campbell how to swim.
Campbell and her friend Anna.
Aunt Jenn Cousin Brynn and Campbell had a fun day at the the matching suits.
Daddy and his water baby.

Memorial Day Way Late

Uncle Andrew Mackenzine and Campbell at the Lithopolis Day Parade. Great Aunt Eileen was the Grand Marshall
Campbell went to Mrs. Rutters Antique Shop and loved the mini horses
Campbell has a love for Antiques already.
This is mini Mrs. Rutters little is so small.

Memorial Day