Buy Local

All Natural Chickens/Broilers:
Our meat type broilers are sold by the pound. The current market price is $3.00 per pound. Frozen whole chickens are available year round. We also do custom orders several times each year and sell fresh chickens. Special orders can be made for an additional charge for cut up chickens.

Brown Eggs:
Available at the farm year round for pick up. $3.oo per dozen.

Custom Ordered 1/2′s or whole lamb  – $2.00/lb hanging weight plus Bays Packing processing fee.

We do keep some individual cuts of meat year round. Call to check availability.

Ground Lamb – $5.00/lb. sold in one pound packages.
Boneless Leg -   $9.00/lb
Bone in Leg -     $7.00/lb
Shoulder -          $6.00/lb
Loin Chops -      $10.00/lb
Rib Chops -        $13.00/lb

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