Mar 29, 2014

My Stitch Fix

Getting to do some traveling and meeting other women from across the country in agriculture is a lot of fun. When you put a bunch of farm women together, yes we talk about livestock and crops, but we also talk about the usual girl stuff. We enjoy a great meal, an occasional Moscow Mule, talk about the kids and of course discuss what we are wearing. When we farm woman are out in a big group, people always wonder what conference we are in town attending. Someone in the group always says, “We are a bunch of farm ladies sharing about agriculture.” The next comment is always, “Well you don’t look like farmers.”  I am still trying to figure out what a farmer is supposed to look like, but my guess is that people generally do not think farmers clothes come in a box labeled “Stitch Fix.”

 My friend Sara, from Sara’s House HD, is a very stylish gal. We were talking about what we were going to pack for an upcoming event and she asked if I had heard of Stitch Fix. I had never heard of such a thing, but I quickly checked it out and signed up for my first fix right away.
It is a great concept for a busy person who loves fashion, but doesn’t necessarily have time to make trips to all the trendy shopping hot spots to get the perfect look.  As I get a little older I find I am becoming more out of touch with what the younger generation believes to be stylish. I must admit that, in my 30s, I am quite OK with that. I want my own style that looks like me. With that said, though, I also want to look semi fashionable and follow some trends.

This Stitch Fix concept works well with my busy lifestyle. I filled out my profile answered all the questions and they assigned me to a personal stylist who selects what will come to me each month or as often as I determine. The Stitch Fix arrives via Fed Ex on your front porch.  Each fix will have 5 items — a mix of what ever you tell them you would like. You can choose to keep all 5 items, keep a few or send them all back. You only pay for what you keep. If you keep all 5 items you get 25% off the price.  Each item comes with a style card with ideas of how to wear and style each piece that you are sent.

If you give it a try, I can’t guarantee that you will like everything you get, but I am pretty sure that no one will think you look like a farmer.
If you think you want to give Stitch Fix a try, be sure to use this link:

This is what came in my box.