Dec 31, 2008

Campbell at Christmas

Campbell had a wonderful Christmas this year! She got some nice toys and had fun spending time her her Family. She did miss her Aunt Jessica...I LOVE YOU

Nov 23, 2008

Campbell gets Kittens

Campbell is a real animal lover.

Lewis and Oliver are now our new pets. Hildi actually likes them and they play together. For now they are living in the garage until they get large enough to move to the barn.

This is when we went to pick up the kittens.

Trick or Treat with Campbell and her friends

Well since we moved our neighbors were so kind to invite us back to trick or treat with our little chicken. This photo is Campbell and Anna the Beautiful Bee
Daddy and the baby chick.

Our best neighbors Maggie and James.

Campbell and Caroline were quite the pair. The lady Lion and the Chicken

The Reese Family HIts NYC

Campbell and Daddy at the Central Park Zoo. She loved the animals and running around New York City. We had a fun day in Central Park. She was rolling down the hills in the park and trying to get to all the birds...we even ate a hot dog...Daddy was not too happy about her eating a hot dog from a vendor but she was hungry.

The Reese Family went to visit our good friends Joe and Tim. Matt lived with them in college and we had not paid them a visit in NY for a few years. Joe lives in Brooklyn and Tim lives in Manhattan. We had a terrific time. This photo was taken on top of the AP building where Tim works. We got a private tour of the photo was a real treat.

Campbell went to see the Statue of Liberty. This photo was taken on the ferry ride out. It was a cold day but Campbell loved her first Ferry Ride.

We went to the Today Show and got our photo taken outside Studio 1A.

Campbell had lots of firsts on this trip. I will say those people who choose to live in the City with children are CRAZY! It was hard work getting around with a little one. This was her first ride on the subway.

September 24th Campbell Turned 1

Campbell had a farm animal themed party...yes there were animals. We had two sheep and the Endsley family lended us May one of their Mini Donkeys. It was a fun party and the neighbors loved it. The Farrell Family thinks we are strange but I think they liked it!

Nov 14, 2008

Where has the Reese Family Been?

Sorry there have been no posts...We Moved! It has been a crazy few months. I will soon get updates of Campbell and the new house.

Aug 28, 2008

Ohio State Fair

Campbell loves her sheep. She took a few to the fair this year.
I think she was born in a barn, she likes to be in the pen.
Caroline is Campbell's best friend. They were to their first Sale of Champions.
This is Campbell after the Sale of Champions on the last day of the fair. She looks like she has had enough.

First Trip to the Columbus Zoo

Coldwell Banker King Thompson (Kristin's Work) had a fun free family day at the was way to hot to be there for us and the animals.
Does she look like she is on a Safari or what?
Campbell took the animals very serious.
The family at the aquarium. Her favorites were the Langers (monkeys) and the fish.
After a long day at the zoo, we were ready to go home.

Summer Fun

Grammy is feeding Campbell chicken...she could not get enough.
Campbell learning how to Golf at an early age.

Who are those movie stars with Campbell?
Campbell and Cousin Drew. Drew has a putting green in his backyard and campbell loved crawling on it.

Summer Pool Time with Campbell and her Friends

Campbell loves the water, this toy was a hit.
Aunt Jessica was teaching Campbell how to swim.
Campbell and her friend Anna.
Aunt Jenn Cousin Brynn and Campbell had a fun day at the the matching suits.
Daddy and his water baby.

Memorial Day Way Late

Uncle Andrew Mackenzine and Campbell at the Lithopolis Day Parade. Great Aunt Eileen was the Grand Marshall
Campbell went to Mrs. Rutters Antique Shop and loved the mini horses
Campbell has a love for Antiques already.
This is mini Mrs. Rutters little is so small.

Memorial Day

Jul 28, 2008

Campbell and the Famous Arm

Campbell meeting Coach Tressel for the first time
Tres signing her hot pink cast!