Jun 25, 2012

Truck and Trailer

Yesterday evening the kids were outside running around our yard with no shoes having a blast. They were hopping on their battery powered 4-wheeler riding all around the yard while I picked berries. Parker came out of the garage with the radio flyer wagon and headed to the swing set where they had parked the 4-wheeler. Campbell ran to the barn and came out with some twine. My suspicion was growing and I watched from a distance to see what they were up to. My initial thought was correct --they were going to hook up the wagon to the 4-wheeler using the twine to tie it all together. They are 2 and 4, so as you can imagine I was very interested to see how they were going to work this. Parker was telling Campbell how to hook it up and she was trying her best to loop it all together. After a few minutes I decided to intervene. I asked them what they were doing.
“Going to the State Fair with our sheep and our horse,” Campbell replied.
Parker chimed in “We going to da State Fair to show and we gotta hook up our wagon.”
I had a huge smile on my face. First my kids are adorable and second, what mom would not be proud that their kids were showing sheep and going to the State Fair. I helped them rig their “truck and trailer” and they were off to the fair. They played for a good hour before I broke the bad news that dinner was ready.

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