Jul 29, 2009

Campbell and her Big Girl Room

Campbell and her Garden

The garden has been a lot of fun. We have had lots of produce and have enjoyed eating lots of veggies this summer.
This is he first sun flower to bloom.

"Look at all my produce" This is from one afternoon of harvest.

Jul 25, 2009

Introducing Parker Matthew Reese in 3D

We got an ultrasound at 36 weeks of Parker and they ended up doing a 3D of his face.

Campbell and her Summer Fun

She went to Art & Clay on Main in Lancaster. It is a really neat pottery studio. She went with her aunt Jessica and the Eversole children. This is her first piece of art, a cup cake jewlery box. She did pretty well for being 21 months old.
My little artist. She also went to the Lancaster Festival Art walk and she says she like "Art". I hope she gets that from her daddy.

Campbell and her creative way to get in the water. Yes that is a garden tool in her mouth. We will be working in the yard look over and she has taken off all of her clothing to get wet. She loves the water.

Campbell is practicing being a mommy. She loves to give her baby a bottle, love the baby, burp the baby and then drop her on her head.

Jul 8, 2009

2009 Hemlock Lake

Campbell did a little bit everything on this trip. Tubing was her favorite. She went Kyaking, boating, rode on a jet ski, she is wild at her young age.
This is the life. Campbell and her fruit smoothe sitting by the lake.

She was not too sure of the jet ski at first. We then told her that it was a horse on the water and she did much better.

The view from the cottage of lake Hemlock.

Campbell and Caroline waiting to get out on the water. This is an annual tradition to take Caroline to the lake with her mom and dad. We had fun times. We even went to an Amish family farm and took a buggy ride and took a tour of their farm, we made new friends and got some tasty pies.

Vacation to south Carolina

Matt caught a large catfish. Campbell thought it was pretty fun. Due to the fact that it was caught with a liver that was over a year old and it sat out in the sun for 3 days getting smelly;the fish was not eaten.
She loves to swim but she also liked to clean the pool. She is just like her momm always trying to keep things clean.

Getting ready to head out to fish. She caught 20 crapie on the trip and liked to toss them back into the lake.

Aunt Jessica and Campbell at dinner.

The lake was so nice we went out each evening. Campbell thinks her life jacket is pretty cool.

Aunt Jessica Graduated

Campbell is trying on the cap for size.
The Root Family.

Just before she walked across the stage.