Mar 6, 2012

March Comes in like a Lamb

March came in like a LAMB! It is that time again to sell some lambs. Yesterday the kids and I took a trip across town and sold some lambs to Blystone Farms. Whenever I head out anywhere with a trailer full of sheep and two small children there is bound to be some type of excitement. To my surprise, we made it there and got the sheep and children unloaded without any issues.

There have been a few trips when I had to pull over the truck and trailer three times because a certain child thought it was funny to unbuckle their seat belt and then there was the time when one of the lambs jumped over the gate at the farm and was running loose, I guess he didn’t want to know how much he weighed that day.

This is a short video blog of our trip.

Once the lambs are tagged, the customer can go to the barn sale pen and pick out their sheep, goat or even steer and have it processed. Blystone Farms has a large ethnic customer base. It is very traditional in their cultures to see the animal live and then leave the farm with the processed animal. Their customers have a very deep respect for animals and their health and safety. The customer can see the animals that their family is going to eat and know that they are buying quality, healthy protein.

Once the lambs are weighed, we go inside to the new retail shop to settle up on our sales. We are paid for our lambs on a per pound basis. It is very important that we keep our lambs between a certain weight to obtain the highest dollar amount. Most customers like their lambs to be between 135-140lbs. At Blystone Farms their customer sometimes like a little smaller lamb and this is based on tradition and costs. As mentioned in the video, each lamb is given a letter based on weight. The letter of the sheep is written on a board by the sale pen and the customer knows exactly what they will pay for their animal.

You can stop by the farm, just outside of Canal Winchester, or call and let them know what you would like and they will have it just the way you want it whether it be a half of beef or a whole lamb.

The new retail meat case is now open. They have been working for months to get their retail custom shop up and running. It is really nice inside and their meat looks and taste great. If you do not wish to purchase a whole animal, you can now buy it by the individual cut. If you live in the central Ohio area you should stop by to see their family operation. They sell beef, poultry, eggs, lamb and goat. If you stop by, there may even be some of our lamb in the case.

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