May 26, 2009

Fun Outside

This is Sassy MaMa and Papa Reese's dog. She loves Campbell.
Daddy and Campbell in the garden.

Campbell pushed Thumbs the cat around for 20-30 minutes it was very entertaining.

The cat loved the ride and did not want to get out.

Memorial Day Weekend at the Reese Family

We spent a few days at Mama and Papa Reese's house while Matt was up in NW Ohio for work. Campbell had tons of fun. She was wild as usual and kept everyone on their toes.
This is thumbs the cat who loved Campbell, she followed her every where.

Papa and Wags the youngest donkey. She is almost 1 year old. Campbell loves her donkey's.
Campbell went fishing for the first time in the pond with Papa. She learned how to pick the perfect work and then with her cane poll caught a huge bass. As I am sure you can tell she needed some help bringing this one in. She caught 1 bass and 3 other smaller fish.

Her prize catch. Daddy was a little sad he missed out on the fishing trip. Later in the day he went to the farmers market to sell mushrooms with Papa. We also had lunch at the Pandora Bowling alley where Campbell ate a ton of food from the buffet with Papa and Uncle Jeff.

May 19, 2009

Kissy and the Sheep

Campbell loves to do her chores but watering is her favorite. Campbell is riding Kissy her mini donkey. You can see Pinky in the background, this is one of her sheep. Campbell is loving Kissy with Aunt Jessica.
She is a big girl in this photo riding all by hersef. Daddy does not think she should ride by herself but daddy wasn't home:)

Our Walk to see the Fox Pups

Getting Ready for a walk down to see the baby fox. There is a nest near by with we think 5 baby fox, they are so cute. Campbell is in to her hat and her sun glasses of course! Campbell is checking out the tires on the wagon to make sure they are working properly. We have been trying to teach her not to play in the middle of the road; good thing we live on a seldom traveled road.

Ty and Campbell after the walk/wagon ride. Campbell really likes the baby fox. The pups seem to like to play in the road and we hope do not cause any traffic jams or end up road kill.

Here is one of the fox pups. They look so cute and harmless; until it eats our baby chicks.

May 4, 2009

Aunt Jessica returns to Ohio

Aunt Jessica and Campbell transplat our peppers for the garden.

Campbell was quite the mess after playing in the dirt.
The girl loves BUBBLES!

Campbell and Jessica are playing with Egg Side walk chalk that Grammy Root gave her for Easter.

Trip to Mississippi State University

Campbell got to spend some time in the sun at the pool, she is trying out her new swim vest.

This is Andrew's kitchen, the photo makes it look better than it is. Look at his towl rack...only Andrew.

Standing on the front porch in Mississippi.