Jul 8, 2009

2009 Hemlock Lake

Campbell did a little bit everything on this trip. Tubing was her favorite. She went Kyaking, boating, rode on a jet ski, she is wild at her young age.
This is the life. Campbell and her fruit smoothe sitting by the lake.

She was not too sure of the jet ski at first. We then told her that it was a horse on the water and she did much better.

The view from the cottage of lake Hemlock.

Campbell and Caroline waiting to get out on the water. This is an annual tradition to take Caroline to the lake with her mom and dad. We had fun times. We even went to an Amish family farm and took a buggy ride and took a tour of their farm, we made new friends and got some tasty pies.

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Charissa Pituch said...

SO CUTE!!! Campbell is growing so fast~ How are you feeling Kristin??