Oct 2, 2014

Getting Saucy in the Kitchen

This is a Cortland Apple. It has a red
peel and a very white center.
 It has been a long standing tradition in my family to make applesauce when the apples are in season. This helps you to enjoy a taste of fall all year long. Today is the big apple saucing day.
This is such a healthy nutritious fruit or as my kids call it dessert. I prefer to freeze mine verses can. Pull it out a little before you wish to enjoy, it is a frozen applesauce slushy and we serve it as dessert.

Each bag here is 1 bushel.
This is so simple it is not even really a recipe. I do use a Cortland apple, this is what my Grandma always used and by cooking the apples with the skins on, the applesauce will naturally be a light pink. You can add sugar or choose to enjoy it its natural state. Did you know that two-thirds of the fiber, and many of the antioxidants, are found in apple's peel? So when possible try to use and eat the peel to gain all that extra goodness.

To me cooking is not just about cooking, its about memories, remembering the old and making new. Applesauce is something I used to do with my mom and Grandma, now I do it with my daughter and friends. I have shared my simple sauce with many who have now made this an annual tradition. The smell of the apples cooking down  takes me back to a place in childhood that I loved and will always remember.

On a side note this is a fun apple craft


Core and slice apples. Place into a pan and place on stovetop. Add about a half and inch of water to the pan. Turn your burner onto medium heat and cook until apples are soft and mushy.  Place cooked apples in a food mill, ricer or colander. Applesauce will come out the bottom and *discard the rest.  Add sugar to your liking.

*We raise laying hens and they absolutely go wild over the apple peel scraps. Or if you do not have chickens it is perfect for the compost pile.

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