Jun 17, 2014

Project #WatchThemGrow Week 5

I am not sure where the last 5 weeks have gone but it has flown by. The beans here in Ohio seem to be getting off to a slow start but looking good. Got a little rain shower and we escaped the storms that some out west and even in western Ohio got. We are supposed to get rain later this week which we could use to get some moisture back in the ground as these hot humid dog days of Ohio Summer hit us.
This year we have soybeans all around our house so we could easily walk outside the front door for our weekly "bean scouting" trip. Why make it that simple when we can make it more complicated and fun....right? What started out as a "hurry up get on the four wheeler Parker so we can drive out to the pretty field near the woods" has turned into a weekly summer fun trip with my 4 year old son. He got to plant the beans in this field and he loves to "scout" them. I asked him what he is looking for and he tells me "bugs, disease and just to see if they are growing mom." While it only takes a few minutes to get to the beans we photograph each week, this has quickly become one of my favorite weekly activities with my son.  Project #watchthemgrow has turned into Project #makingmemories for this mom.
Want to see what soybeans and corn look like in other parts of the country? Check out some of my farm mom friends blogs!
LaVell Winsor Growing for Tomorrow

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