Jun 18, 2014

Great Lakes Regional Dorset Show is in Ohio! Taking Entries Now

June 2014
Dear Junior Dorset Members:
This year the Great Lakes Regional Jr. Dorset Show will be held on Wednesday,
July 30, 2014, in conjunction with the Ohio State Fair.  The show will begin at 6:00 p.m. 
Single day passes will be provided for out-of-state exhibitors and for Ohio exhibitors who do not enter sheep at the Ohio State Fair Jr. or Open Show. 
All entered sheep are required to be on the fairgrounds and entries checked in by 12:00 noon on that day.  All entries will be breed standard inspected between 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.  with the show beginning then at 6:00 p.m.
Entry fees will be $8.00 per head.  The entry deadline is July 15, 2014.  We encourage all participants to enter their sheep in the Ohio State Fair OPEN show as well that deadline is June 20th.  PLEASE NOTE:  Entries need to be made with us for the Regional Show.  Separate entries need to be made for the State Fair.  You cannot make entries with one place for both shows.  Entry forms for the Ohio State Fair are available on the internet at www.ohiostatefair.com.  Entry forms for the Regional Jr. Show are enclosed with this mailing.  Please return entries to:
Kristin Root Reese
7640 Havensport Road
Baltimore, Ohio 43105
There will be classes for both Polled and Horned sheep.  The polled sheep entry form is yellow and the horned sheep entry form is blue.  Also on your entry form, there is a space to enter showmanship.  There is no cost to enter showmanship, but it needs to be marked to be entered.  We will split the classes as evenly as possible according to age.
Classes for the show will be as follows:
Note:  Classes may be split as necessary at the discretion of the show committee.
Class            1        Senior Ram Lamb - fitted (born September 1 - November 30)
Class            2        Winter Ram Lamb - fitted (born December 1 – January 15)
Class            3        Slick shorn Ram Lamb - any age
Class            4        Jr. Ram Lamb (born January 16 and after)
Champion Ram
Reserve Champion Ram
Class            5        Yearling Ewe - fitted
Class            6        Slick shorn Yearling Ewe
Class            7        Senior Ewe Lamb - fitted (born September 1 - November 30)
Class            8        Winter Ewe Lamb - fitted (born December 1 – January 15)
Class            9        Slick shorn Ewe Lamb
Class 10        Jr. Ewe Lamb (born January 16 and after)
Champion Ewe
Reserve Champion Ewe
Class 11        Market Lamb
Rules for the show:
1.  Deadline for ownership of animals in the Junior Show will be June 1, 2014 with the exception of a purchase of a sheep at Sedalia. Ownership must be in the young person(s’) name.  Youth partnerships are okay as long as everyone listed is a youth and no adult names are mixed in.  The partnership is considered one exhibitor when it comes to group classes and number of entries in single classes though everyone in the partnership can participate in showmanship classes.  If animals are in a partnership, you must designate on the entry form who is actually showing each animal. 
2.  Age limit for young people entering the Junior Show will be 21 years old or younger as of January 1.  The same age limit applies to show ring helpers as well.  Junior exhibitors must be present to show their own Junior entries unless physically impaired.  If two or more are entered in the same class, another junior must show one of them.  Junior owners must be in control of the head of at least one of their animals in the class.  Any exceptions must be in writing and approved by the Show Committee by 8:00 a.m. the day of the show. 
3.  Short fleece is recommended in the fitted class.
4.  The judge has the responsibility of determining over aged-lambs.
          5.  All animals will be shown in their respective age class according to their date of birth as recorded on their registration papers.
6.  Sheep entering the show ring on show day will have their flock identification checked by show officials to correspond with official show records.
For those of you showing futurity ewes, please make sure you bring your point record form with you for us to sign.  Those ewes must be registered in the individual name only of the person showing them.  Futurity entrant may earn premiums on no more than two ewe lambs.  Total points earned by two ewe lambs cannot be combined.  Each ewe must bear the proper identification which corresponds to the registration certificate.  A junior exhibitor can participate with one entry in the yearling ewe division.
No refunds will be made once entries are received. 
It is our goal to have an outstanding show for all exhibitors.  We hope to be able to pay premiums deep in each class.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact either of us.  We look forward to receiving your entries and seeing you at the show!
Kristin Root Reese
Committee:       Kristin Root Reese          614-582-3208 kristin@kristinreese.com
            Kim Root                       614-843-8453
2014 Polled entry form.pdf

2014 Horned entry form.pdf


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