Dec 5, 2011

A Brown Christmas?

This is a blog topic that you will not see me writing about often, or maybe ever again. I had to attempt to tackle this because it was so funny and gross. At our tree farm we did a beautiful new expansion of our gift shop. We are moving into the new age with our technology and of course our growing practices. While we have come a long way, we still use a Porta-John , a nice one but still a Porta -John. We have discussed adding on an actual bathroom with a toilet and even running water.

As any business owners know, you take it one major expense at a time. While, as workers on the farm, it would be wonderful to have a traditional bathroom but you do what you need to do.

This year my sister-in-law had to brave the elements. She came back to the tree barn and was half laughing half crying. She started to explain what she had encountered.

It is an unfortunate sight but we have all done it….looked into the dark hole before going to the bathroom. It just happens, even if you try not to. What my sister in law saw was a shock and a very laughable moment for our entire family and staff. There was pair a of men’s underwear that had been adorned with…well let’s just say a substance you expect to find in a pre potty-trained child’s pants.

The Reese family is known for their very active imaginations. We all had to think what this poor man was going through. We are sure he had a brief moment of panic when this all went down… the moment could not have been brief actually, in fact it was boxers! It could not have been pretty and it had to be a very memorable moment at Kaleidoscope Farms. While this is certainly not our fondest family memory at the farm, it is a definite number 2!

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