Oct 28, 2013

Bob Evans Bathroom Blunder

After church we went to Bob Evans for a little lunch or as the kids say: to eat the "little farmers breakfast." Campbell and I decided to visit the ladies bathroom. I looked at the sign and charged right into the bathroom. I opened the door and I saw a man washing his hands.  He glanced at me and read the embarrassment on my face and half smiled. I backed out of restroom looked at the sign again  and it said "Women’s." Campbell had to go to the bathroom so I opened the door again and entered the woman’s restroom that had a man in it. Campbell was not sure what in the world was going on. I said hello (kind of awkward I must admit) he still was not sure what I was doing in the Men’s restroom. Campbell whispered, "Why is there a man in here?" I told her I was not sure but it was probably an accident.

The poor man finally figured that he was in the wrong restroom. He laughed, I laughed and he quickly exited. When I left the ladies room, I walked out and he was still waiting to be seated laughing with a face a red as could be.

I think we have all accidentally entered the wrong bathroom at one time or another. The last time I did that was back in 2000 when I was the Ohio Lamb and Wool Queen speaking at a banquet in Union County. I was wearing my crown and sash and was the speaker at the dinner. I walked in on four little boys who squealed. Then when I got up to speak at the banquet one of them said very loudly, "that is the lady who uses the boys bathroom."

I am just glad Campbell did not point out the nice gentleman who accidentally read the sign wrong at Bob Evans!

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