Jun 18, 2013

Not your Kentucky Derby

In Ohio, when Summer arrives it is officially County Fair time. We live in Fairfield County and our fair just happens to be in Mid October and is the last of the County Fairs in Ohio (they save the best for last). As we await our fair, we usually try to go to a couple of other fairs around the state each summer.
This week the Pickaway County Fair kicked off and they have a Combine Derby. We decided to take the kids and visit our neighboring county for a little summer County Fair fun.
When I hear the word Derby, the Kentucky Derby immediatly comes to mind. The big hats, classic dresses and horses worth millions sounds like a ton of fun!  The Combine Derby is more like I imagine the infield of the Kentecky Derby is like but still a lot of fun in a way more relaxed redneck kind of way. Watching the combines smash each other, the loud screams from the fairgoers and people watching is always a grand time. Congrats to the winners who were from my home town in Fairfield County! This is a short clip in case you have never had the privilage to watch our kind of Derby! Maybe next year I will wear a big hat!

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