Jan 23, 2013

No matter what your age

Some things never change no matter what your age. Today, I had to make a special trip to my parents barn to go over some very important details on how to care for our animals while my dad is away on a business trip for a few days.
Despite the fact that I have been caring for sheep and working in the barn for almost my entire 30+ years of life, I was reminded, as I was many times when I was growing up, what it is like to be given instructions and directions from my dad. Growing up he was my Ag teacher but he was also the chore inspector. Things have to be done a certain way. I get my meticulous tendencies from my dad, and I am sure I will be the same way with my children. I care for the sheep on a daily basis, and I thought I had outgrown these chore talks, but today I was reminded you are never too old for a lesson from your father in the barn!

Joey (sheep dog): Feed him 3-4 times a day he likes to eat small meals. He likes to get two mini bones each time you go in the pasture.
Cats: Be sure they have warm water morning and night (in their heated water bowl).

Sheep: These chores are complex, but what is the most funny was the topic he found so important to go over. He wanted to be sure I knew how to properly scrub out the water tubs and rinse them thoroughly. We also had to go over Hay 101, making sure I know the different types we have and what the sheep prefer.  
Sometimes you have to laugh and appreciate even the most silly of times you spend with your parents. I have learned how to be a good steward of livestock and the land from my dad. Knowing him, he will not ever allow me to forget even the basics of bucket scrubbing!


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