Aug 30, 2012

New Season in Life

This has been one crazy busy month! Our family has been here there every where. This week Campbell our oldest daughter started on a new journey of learning, she entered Pre Kindergarten. This is a three day a week all day program. She takes her lunch a big kid book bag and I drop her off at the local church to make new friends learn and have fun. Campbell has been waiting to put on her book bag and pack her lunch in her owl lunch carrier much more than mommy and daddy. I view this as an entire new season in our families life. One that is very exciting yet sad at the same time.
We all survived the first week just fine. Campbell was a bit tired at the end of each day, Parker loved some only child time and mom and dad did pretty well.

Campbell had to go to the barn to say good bye to
the animals. She was worried about them while she
was away at school.
She was so filled with cheer to get to her class!

Parker is not old enough to go to Pre-school yet. He
wanted to pack a lunch and his bag too.

Parker looks like mommy felt!

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