Jun 18, 2012

Berry today or Pie tomorrow

When I can not find my husband or children this time of year I know just where to look. They often ecape to the berry patch. This was a little something that Matt wrote.

A berry today or a pie tomorrow,
To eat either brings joy and to not brings sorrow.
To enjoy berries today is a wonderful thing,
But waiting a bit can even better treats bring.
So I eat one or two and I save three of four,
Then eat a berry and save a few more.
For a man who saves berries is really quite wise,
When he has a wife who makes raspberry pies.

To pick berries brings such pleasure and pain,
Fingertips punctured and stained.
Many want all that pleasure, but don’t want the work.
They grumble ’bout their hands that hurt.
They want nature’s connection without the pain.
None of the work. All of the gain.
So few work hard while many get fat,
Do you know any folks like that?

1 comment:

The Foodie Farmer said...

This is so awesome Kristin. I LOVE his prose! What a great writer Matt is. Thanks for sharing this!