Apr 9, 2012


I spent the morning with two of my friends Smith and Wesson!

Always wear your protective eye
and ear ware.

I have never written about guns. I am by no means a firearms expert but I do know that I love to shoot guns. I am not a hunter; I will leave that up to my little sister. I enjoy shooting trap, going to the shooting range and target practice. A few years ago I along with my sister and dad got our licenses to Carry a Concealed Handgun. Sometimes in my line of work I find myself going into vacant homes and sometimes meeting people I do not know. I feel much safer knowing that I have a plan in place if I need to enforce it.
Shooting my new hand gun at an indoor range.

Today I was shooting my new Smith and Wesson 380 hand gun with a built in target laser. We were also shooting one of my dad’s hand guns. It was a family outing with my dad, two brothers and sister. I must say it makes my husband Matt a little nervous that I enjoy fire arms. I think he is just jealous that I am a better shot.

I grew up around guns. My dad has always stressed the importance of gun safety. Yes they can be very dangerous but when used safely it is a great sport or line of defense. When living in the country guns can come in quite handy. There was the time a groundhog was up at our house trying to attack the family dog and how can we forget the ever growing population of coyotes moving in on our livestock.

I hope Campbell and Parker will share our love of guns when they get a bit older. For now they will have to stick to water and Nerf guns!

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