Jul 1, 2011

Wheat! It's Summer Time

 Out of all the crops wheat is one of my favorites. It has so many different looks through the seasons. When the wheat is close to harvest I have always wanted to plop the kids out in the middle of it for a picture. When the wheat is ready to be harvested it marks the beginning of summer heat. It never fails when it is time to bail hay or straw it is going to be be hot!
This year they were actually old enough to go out there in the field and be almost as tall as the wheat. As you can tell by the lack of Parker pictures in the wheat, he did not like it  in the middle of the wheat field. Enjoy the photos of the kids and the wheat that is now harvested.
I love outside photos and the most natural pictures take place in the outdoors. It always reminds me how fortunate we are to live where we can experience four seasons. I love the natural landscape of the crops, farmers work so hard to produce a safe product to enter the market for animals or our consumption. I know that our family appreciates the farmers producer!

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