May 26, 2010

Picnic at our park

Campbell asked to go on a picnic today and I asked her where she wanted to go. She said "to the park Mommy". I followed her and she headed out infront of the barn under the trees. We ate our lunch and took turns flicking the ants off our blanket. This was Parkers first picnic lunch.
Our park is a little closer to home than most and I think it is great our kids think it is a fun place. The only thing the Reese park is missing is a swing set. We have to work on that but those darn things are expensive. We just want a basic model but so far have not had the time to get one. The corn seems to be growing well around our house. I love when the crop rotation is corn, it it fun to have all that tall corn around. The only negative is that the coyotes have a hiding place and we have had two scoping out the animals in just the last week. We have kissy the miniature donkey to protect and alert so we will see how well of a job she does.

This is a closer look at the backdrop for our picnic. This corn should be neck high by the fourth of July. The old saying is knee high but with all the research advances it is amazing  how far we have come. Last year Ohio Farmers produced 174bushels of corn per acre on average. That is impressive.

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