Aug 31, 2009

What has Campbell been up to?

It is that time of year and we have begun lambing. Campbell is very excited about the new lambs. We think she would live in the barn. We have 3 ewe's down about about 20 more to go. We will have a very busy fall.
Campbell and mom made Ric Krispy Treats for the first time. They sure tasted good.

We have way too many tomatoes so we have been using them in everything. Campbell Andrew Mackenzie and I made some Salsa.

We tried our hand at water color painting. Let's hope she got her dadd's skills in the art department.

Play dough is her new thing. She loves to play with it and cut it. Her friend Caroline got this for her when Parker was born. Where is Parker during all of this...SLEEPING! It should be no shock that is his favorite activity.

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