Jul 18, 2011

Sheep Wrangling Realtor

Funny thing happened to my sister and I yesterday. Driving back from Perry County we spotted two market lambs running along the 55mph road. We turned around to get them to safety. Jessica ran to the house to get the owners and I dressed in nice clothes from showing a house went to the barnyard to get the lambs in the barn.
After Jessica opened the door to the unknown house because they did not come to the door, she found a 3 yr old little boy who said he was home alone.... Finally the mom came out wondering why a strange woman was in her house I am sure. They came to help me in the barn and we assured the lady that we had sheep and could help her catch the two market lambs. Somehow the lamb that I caught knocked me over drug me on the concrete floor...Jessica and the owner were stunned and laughing at me (I am sure it was a site). I was covered in dirt and got my back and knees scratched up. Good thing was they happened to sell show master feed and I needed a few bags. The lambs were safe and I am sure are now at the fair, I hope they do well they had some nice lambs. All in a days works I guess!
Funny how things work out. They happened to be Show Master Feeds Sales reps and I needed some feed. I bought two bags of feed and even got a discount for our efforts. I am sure there are other sheep wrangling Realtors out there right?


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