Jul 17, 2011

Oh the Places We Go

This past week was jam packed. We had all the normal life activities plus a few extras to make our week full of fun and stress. We had extra chores because my parents were enjoying a much needed vacation, VBS (vacation bible school) and swim lessons.
You have to know that when every moment of your week is planned it is going to be a wild ride. I happen to be very schedule oriented and this week there was no room for anything else or for anything to go wrong.
VBS was tons of fun and 140 children had a blast and learning more about our great creator. I helped with the music and Matt was on the dram team. He played Caleb Foster and his twin bad boy brother Dr. Marvel. Of course his characters were a hit and his acting may have earned him a spot in future drama at the church.
The first part of the week my computer decided it was not going to work and my email and schedule was high jacked. This obviously complicated my work week and made me more than a little stressed. I would like to say I played it cool but when you rely so heavily on technology it is BAD when it does not work. Each late afternoon we had swim lessons for 1 hour and then we dried off grabbed a sandwich headed out to VBS.
My computer did get fixed on Saturday and I am very glad to have a good computer repair man. I am now more organized than I was before, the kids are exhausted but from fun, both kids love the water and we will all be glad when Grammy and Grammpy return in the  morning from their trip.
Some time you wonder how you will get it all done, but you always do and when it is all said and done you can sit back and begin planning the next week. The part I need to work on is sitting back. We have this great chair on our front porch that looks out to the corn. I will sit in that chair at least for a few minutes some time before the corn is harvested....maybe! What I know for sure is that we will keep chasing our children while we still can and wondering where the days go.

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