Jul 20, 2014

Project #watchthemgrow Week 10

Beans are really taking off! We have had some wonderful fall like weather in mid July. The skies are some of the most amazing this time of year in Ohio. Beans are growing and filling in pretty nicely. Beans seem to be growing slower this year mainly due to rain and weather.

This little bug likes to munch on the soybean plants. The Japanese beetle can be a problem
as they defoliate the plant and interrupt the photosynthesis process..
Usually they eat and move on which is what we hope happens here. The
bites are not bad at this point.  
Beans are waist high on the kids. It is harder to get them out in the field without damaging the plant.
As you can see Parker is just thrilled to get his photo taken. My 4 year old is growing tired of the camera
Meanwhile Campbell loves it!

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