Jun 19, 2014

Project #watchthemgrow Week 6

Behind us you can see the soybean field you have been
watching grow over the last 6 weeks.
My sister had her horses over in our pasture this week so Parker and I decided to Saddle up ole Chester and ride him over to our soybean spot.

Beans are  looking good, healthy with minimal insect bites on the leaves and spotting (spots where the beans did not germinate or died off).

This variety of soybeans that was planted tends to get off to a slower start than some others. New leaves are still opening up and they are getting taller too.

 Next week I will share the variety of bean planted and why. Farming is a science it is all about selecting the correct type of seed and variety that will perform best in the soils and conditions of the land. Farmers may plant several different varieties based on the soils they farm.

You can see the stalks from the corn
that was harvest in this filed last year
Crop rotation is a very important of
being a good steward of the land.

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