Nov 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is the time of year to remember wheat we are thankful for, and here are some things for which I am THANKFUL.



To all the people who are school teachers and all the people who are just full of knowledge, you have taught me so very much about life. I am grateful for having such awesome people around me that can teach me so many things.



I have learned this is such a precious gift.  I am grateful that I have a healthy family.



Our #1 Industry and includes some of the best people and friends. I am thankful for food and my farmers.



At the end of the day, I have learned this year to sit down, even if only for a second, and reflect on my day. I think when you become a mom you especially appreciate this time of day amid the hecticness of life.



I love the kitchen. Food, family and friends gather and it is the perfect hang out!



The people that drive you nuts but tell you what you need to hear. I have some pretty fantastic people I am glad to call family, and friends who have become family.



No day is ever the same in my life. Not knowing what is going to happen used to be something that would drive me nuts. Now I love that I have so much variation to my day. You just never know what could happen. It certainly keeps life interesting and never dull.



Something I am consistently doing I am always soaking in new information.  Learning is what makes life interesting.

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