Feb 1, 2013

When mom is out of commission

This past weekend I got the horrible dreaded flu bug that no one wants but many seem to have gotten this season. I am typically very healthy and on the go all the time. I had a very busy weekend planned and of course, who has time to get sick? My main concern what that no one else in my family got what I had. While I made my comeback, it was a slow one. Feeling and looking like pond scum, I could not help but lay in my bed listening to all that was going on in my household. Since I was quarantined to my room, I had no idea what the rest of the house looked like but I had a pretty good visualization in my mind based on conversation that was going on with the kids. When I felt well enough to venture around to survey the damage, my stomach began to churn again and I decided it was best to stop my investigating.

I had planned on taking a trip to the grocery store but never made it, so we lacked milk, bread fresh fruits and vegetables. It was slim pickings for the family. The kids were wearing shorts and tank tops, the dog was barking for food, children were crying for the mommy they wanted to hold them, and daddy had reached his limit. Bath time may have been the most comical time of the day. The kids had reached exhaustion and so had the daddy. They wanted their special towels, which were in the giant mound of laundry, and their favorite pjs, which too were in the dirty clothes. They were pulling out all the stalling tactics in the book.  I was half laughing and half saddened to be listening in on this and not being able to do anything about it. The children were screaming in their beds. I yelled down to remind Matt to pack Campbell’s lunch for pre-school. He said it was already done I was impressed.

The next day, I was mostly back to functional. I picked up Campbell from pre-school. We talked about her day and she said, “Mommy I have to tell you about my lunch.” She proceeded to tell me she was the first one done with lunch at school and she was starving. I asked her what daddy packed and she laughed. He packed her cold cheesy rice, cottage cheese and pudding. He did however remember to include a napkin and a spoon!

 I am just glad the family survived mommy being sick and we did not get a note home from Pre-School informing us of what is appropriate for a healthy preschooler’s diet. And, for my entire family’s sake, I hope I do not get sick again anytime soon.

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