Aug 6, 2012

The Great Ohio State Fair

Ever since I was a little girl the Ohio State Fair has been something to look forward to. It also marked the end of the summer. It was a time to reconnect with friends you only see a few times a year, eat some good fair food and of course take in some livestock shows. This fair we were very busy and the kids had a ton of fun too. Their favorite has been showing their sheep. I have had to drag them out of the sheep barn each evening. At times they have looked like little dirt balls but dirt balls who are having a blast learning so many important life lessons in agriculture. Here are some highlights of our 2012 Ohio State Fair! We had a fantastic run. If only life slowed down after the fair! We are one tired family.
Reserve Grand Champion Christmas Tree
Overall. Champion Spruce and Fir trees as well.
The kids cleaned up in the Jr, Show. We have worked hard
to maintain a good and true to the breed Horned Dorset.
Campbell Miriam wearing wool and showing off one of her ewe lambs "Ruby."
The star of the cooking demo Campbell is missing from this photo. She did a
great job making meatballs. We had a fun time and answered some great questions.
I think people thought it was fun that a farmer was cooking.  Cooking show in my future? That would be a dream come true. I have been doing demos since I was 4 in my parents kitchen.
Sheep do not get this white on their own. Campbell and Parker are pros at
washing sheep. They like to scrub the hooves and horns with a tooth brush. I just hope they
know we use old tooth brushes not current toothbrushes!

This was something we had never done before. You showcase what you raise in your garden. We tied in our livestock as well. Bridging the Gap between the farmer and the consumer. I guess we had beginners luck!

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Carol said...

I saw your many items at the state fair, plus all of your agvocating and interviewing.... You have been very very busy. I really liked your Christmas tree...shortneedled and soft. I also was impressed with the sheep barn and the examples of different breeds. I'm all about the education side of things. I think each barn should do a similar thing....especially at county fairs. GET SOME REST....sometime.