May 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Our farm behind the scenes!
I think we are a pretty average American Family. We have 2 children a dog and a white picket fence. It is everything I ever dreamed about! The only difference at our house is we have just a few extra livestock running around. Any mom knows we all have days, though, when you think, “What in the world have I gotten myself into or did I just say that?” My life is far from perfect, but most days I am glad to live this crazy life I call my normal.

Just the other day I caught Parker (2) fishing in our little goldfish pond and Campbell (4) decided she was full so she dumped her cereal, milk and all, back into the box. Luckily she loves Life cereal so we found it the next morning.
Fishing for Goldfish in our garden pond.

When I met Matt (my husband) 13 years ago in a barn at the Ohio State Fair, I had no idea the things I would get myself into. Matt is the Editor for Ohio’s Country Journal. His job is anything but normal and I think that is why he loves it so much. Sometimes he is in need of photos for the magazine or website. He is very creative and can come up with a photo for just about anything. The other day he yelled outside and said “Can you come over here I need to take a picture of your butt.” At the time I thought nothing of it…then we both laughed because what normal family does this on their front porch?

He needed a photo to illustrate how a lack of Congressional action can hurt farmers in the wallet. Matt put a few $50 bills in a wallet and stuffed it in my pocket, I posed showing my best cheek and the photo was on the website a few minutes later.

When the FDA was acting on Antibiotic use, Matt needed a photo of Antibiotics. We pulled together what we had and what my dad had at their house and Matt snapped this photo on our counter.

Maybe we are not normal or the Average American Family after all. The things we do to share the story of Agriculture may set us apart many people, but, normal or not, we would not have it any other way…most of the time.

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