Apr 25, 2012

The Big Apple

I am on a very small airplane about to arrive in New York City. I am sitting beside a man who is napping. The lady across the aisle is watching a movie on her I-pad and others have in ear phones. Most seem to be traveling back home to the city or on business. I hear talks of business, college searches and people who look like they do not want to talk to anyone. I wonder how many of them live on a farm? How many of them know where their food comes from? My guess is that I may be the only person who was cleaning out a hen house and trimming sheep hooves before they got on the airplane.

I will be spending a few days in the Big Apple visiting with magazine editors, doing a few radio interviews and talking about Women in Agriculture. I get to have this opportunity due to a fascinating movement called CommonGround. One of our appointments is with “Glamour.” I cannot help but wonder if “Glamour” has ever met with a real live farm mom before? The next few days will defiantly be out of my everyday norm, but I am happy to trade in my muck boots for a pair of city shoes, for a few days anyway. I live a pretty simple life -- one that is extremely hectic but pretty simple compared to life of New Yorker!

Maybe while I am at “Glamour” they will decide this county mom from Baltimore, Ohio needs a NYC Glamour makeover!


Unknown said...

Kristin - I'm actually in NYC today and tomorrow and will be outside of the Today show tomorrow morning as one of our Brand Ambassadors for Certified Angus Beef will be on the show cooking. Great for you to have this opportunity and I know you will do well in representing Women in Agriculture! What a great chance to tell your story.

Unknown said...

Have a great time at the Today Show, sounds like you an opportunity to talk about how tasty CAB is. Go agriculture. Who, is this by the way, the post was unknown. I must say how fun it would be to be on the Today Show not just in the crowd! I will have Matt DVR the show. Keep up the good work!