Mar 19, 2012

It is National Poultry Day!

Happy National Poultry Day! Did you know: Ohio produces nearly 328 million pounds of chicken each year and is ranked 10th nationally in turkey production.  Ohio's egg, chicken and turkey farms create more than 16,850 jobs generating $385 million in earnings to the state's economy." Ohio Means AgriBusiness!

 Here are some photos of the eggs and chickens at our house. Also be sure to check out one of my CommonGround turkey farmers website!

Our hens lay brown eggs! They lay 1 egg each day. Sometimes
they get a little lazy and take a day off. 

A hen is a female chicken. They begin laying eggs around 17-21
weeks of age, depending on the breed.

This is a Barred Rock hen. She is one of the kids favorites.

Parker is in charge of the egg collecting. He is
getting better about not breaking as many eggs.
He is still in training.

Our hen house has nesting boxes for
the girls (hens) to lay their eggs.

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