Jun 15, 2011

New Old Table: From Farm to Table

Those who know me know that I am full of ideas...usually rediculous ones. I had a bunch of old old wood covered in hay chaf up in the hay. I thought it was perfect to make a long table that we could put out in the pasture and use for gatherings. Everyone was skeptical but it was a fun process and the finished product is  just what I had imagined. We now have outdoor dining for 10-12 people.
I had several helpers with this project. Project manager was Grandpa Cathers. I think you will recognize the assistants.
My idea behind this table is through Local Flavor Foods prepare wonderful meals and dine out in the field. From Farm to Table......sounds like fun to me. My first dinning experience will be in July with the Gourmet Girlies I will keep you posted.

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