Jan 29, 2008

Campbell Playing: Some of the things she enjoys

The swing is a lot of fun for Campbell to use her
hands. She really gets good practice with her
eye hand coordination. She loves to slobber on
on this toy.

Our friends the Woods have allowed us to borrow this floor play toy. We went over to their house and Campbell fell in love with it. We could not find any place that carried this toy so we are very thankful to them for letting Campbell play with it, as you can tell she loves it.

This is a new addition to our routine. She got too big for her other chair so we put up her big girl high chair. So far so good she seems to like it while I am working in the kitchen.
Wow is this a fun toy! We have decided that you need a PHD to assemble this one. It took Matt most of one morning to get this up and running. She has a ton of fun making noise and talking in this toy.

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